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WordPress Training Articles

Corporations that use WordPress

I'm often asked 'Why should I use WordPress?' by small business owners. My stock answer is something along the lines of 'Why wouldn't you use such an easy to use, scalable and cost-effective solution?'. But, that isn't really a good enough answer. So here are some...

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Images for your website – a cautionary tale

The other day I was talking to a business contact who had had a very bad and expensive experience, when he engaged a developer to build his website for him. Having no photographic images to place on his website, the developer had done a Google image search and just...

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The importance of the WordPress database

As a content management system (CMS), it is important to realise that when you create a post or page in WordPress that actual HTML pages are not created and saved into a folder on your website hosting server.In fact the content that you type into the post or page...

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WordPress Security

WordPress is used by millions of website owners around the world including Website Designers for their own websites (and this one), it is a favorite of online marketers, and is used by many high profile companies and institutions.And, because it is supported by...

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WordPress Virtual Assistant

It is often the case that small business owners try to do everything themselves, marketing, delivery, customer service, accounting, administration and much more.In doing this though, they are limiting themselves by working in their business instead of on their...

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Can your business card do better for you?

We all know that a business card can help spread the word about you and your business, but can it do better? Most business cards are boring, they have a name, telephone number, email address, a website address and possibly a logo on them,  but rarely do you see one...

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Using Contact Form 7

One of the things that every business website must have is an easy way for the visitor to contact you.A telephone number and email address are obvious ways, but not everyone is a) going to phone you and b) going to copy and paste your email address into their email...

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