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I’m often asked ‘Why should I use WordPress?’ by small business owners. My stock answer is something along the lines of ‘Why wouldn’t you use such an easy to use, scalable and cost-effective solution?’. But, that isn’t really a good enough answer. So here are some examples of large international corporations that use WordPress for their websites.


Dassault Aviation™

Dassault Aviation™ use WordPress for their corporate website. It uses the multi-lingual capabilities of WordPress as it presents either a French or English Version, dependant on the users location.

Time Inc™

Time Inc™ is the corporate owner of about 90 publishing brands around the world. The main corporate website is built on WordPress and so are many of those brands.

Marks & Spencer for Business™

One of the largest and oldest high street brands in the UK, their beautifully designed website provides businesses with gift vouchers and other incentive style products for their customers.

The National Archives

Here in the UK, The National Archives is the home of thousands of historical records, ranging from births, deaths and marriages through to military records and more. The website incorporates a blog and an online community powered by BuddyPress (a free social network plugin).

Government Websites

Again, here in the UK, there are many government websites that are run using WordPress including many of the individual departments websites (do a click here to see Googles search results!), here’s just one of them.

The Rolling Stones™

Not exactly a Corporation, more like an institution, but the Rolling Stones website is powered by WordPress.

The point is, WordPress is a very flexible and scaleable system for building business website from the very large to the very small. So why not sprue up your boring old small business website with a WordPress powered website?

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