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Group WordPress Training

In the group WordPress Training you will learn easy ways to build your WordPress website in just one day.

Whether you are an individual, a corporate employee or you will end the day with a very good understanding of how WordPress works and how you can manage your website.

To book your WordPress Training, please call 07979 864718.


During your WordPress Training you will learn:

  • How WordPress works
  • How to install WordPress on your host
  • How to create and manage menus
  • How to create and publish posts and pages (and the difference between them)
  • How to add, manage and edit images in your posts and pages
  • How to add videos to your posts and pages
  • How to easily add and manage plugins to extend the functionality of your website
  • SEO techniques to build your websites rankings
  • How to monitor and moderate comments, and stop spam entries
  • How to choose and install different themes
  • How to add social media sharing to your website
  • How to market your website for best conversion
  • How to make your WordPress website more secure
  • How to backup your website and restore it in minutes should the worst happen
  • And much moreā€¦

Where does the training take place?

This is flexible, I have travelled up and down the country providing WordPress Training at company premises or local hotel/conference venues. You can book your company’s group WordPress training by completing the form below. In addition I am running group training dyas in Swaffham and Peterborough. See the table above to book your place.

How long does the training take?

With my tuition you can learn to build a WordPress website in a day. For this to happen though you must be ready beforehand, by having all your page content precreated. So that you get the most out of the day, the training is hands-on, you’ll be guided through WordPress page building and blog posting.

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