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Our Monthly WordPress Maintenance and Security services include the following.

Weekly Secure backups

We will perform a complete backup of your website on a weekly basis and securely store those backups to secure cloud servers. You get the peace of mind that should anything go wrong or the website does get hacked it can be quickly restored.

Uptime monitoring

We monitor the uptime of your website and get notified if it should go down either due to server issues or WordPress issues. If this should happen we will investigate why it has gone down and take any remedial action (if we can).

Backup restoration if needed

Should anything go wrong, we will restore the latest backup set within 24 hours, meaning your website will be down for a minimal amount of time.

Malware monitoring and removal

We will constantly monitor your website for Malware injection and/or hacking attacks. Should we find any Malware or evidence of hacking, we will work to clean the website and restore it to the pre-attack state.

WordPress Core file updates

The WordPress core files are updated regularly throughout the year. Around 80% of these updates are security related. Our WordPress professionals will keep the core files up to date when a new release comes available. Post upgrade we will also test your website to ensure that the update did not cause any harm to your website, and if anything untoward has happened, we will either fix the issue or roll-back the website until a fix can be found.

Plugin Updates

Plugins are updated more regularly than the WordPress core files. We will monitor all your plugins and update them on a weekly basis. We will also ensure that there are no conflicts between Plugins after the updates have been installed, and restore the previous version if any conflicts are found.

Theme Updates

Most themes are updated regularly, either for functionality enhancements or security reasons. But, this can only safely be done if the original developer of your website created a Child Theme and didn’t make changes to the main files. If you have a child theme in place we will do the updates for you. If there isn’t a child theme in place, talk to us about how we can help you on this issue.

1 Hour Maintenance or Updates

The standard plan includes up to 1 hour per month for other maintenance tasks or updates. This could be minor theme design changes, Page or Post uploads, image optimisation and upload etc.

Any additional updates (new pages or page amendments) will be charged an additional fee of £30 per hour.

Monthly Reporting

We provide you with a monthly report detailing all the work that we have carried out on your website so that you can see the value of the work we do to keep your website in tip-top condition and safe from hackers.

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